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“I knew I chose the right Realtor / real estate agent to represent me as a seller when I felt so confident that my home would be sold fast, for top-dollar, that I could relax and enjoy what I love most in life without worrying about paperwork or the hassle of selling a house.”

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Use Your Realtor’s Experience!

Three common seller mistakes are: Not preparing the property to sell, listing too high, and poor showing availability. Follow a good Realtor’s advice and there’s really no reason you shouldn’t sell for top-dollar.

What’s My MI Home Worth?

Northville Twp Avg: $170/sqft
Plymouth Twp Avg: $164/sqft
Canton Twp Avg: $142/sqft
Salem Twp Avg: $176/sqft

Beware: Most heavily advertised agents visit you once and pass you to a new agent.